LAWSUTRAM INDIA is a social legal project which provides one phone advice to people in need for free. We help you connect with our best legal associates for any advice for free.

2. How will this work for me?

We are here to help you at every step. You just need to dial our number 9261019999 & 7073825089 and our representative advisor will guide you with the necessary steps without any fees. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, we will direct you to your nearby advisors for more extensive round and you can choose them and go ahead with the proceedings as you like.

Please note: there is no fees/payment or money involved. LAWSUTRAM INDIA doesn’t charge or ask for any fees from clients.

3. Does LAWSUTRAM INDIA Charge anything from the Clients?

NO, LAWSUTRAM INDIA is aimed to provide legal advices for FREE. We do not charge anything at any moment from our clients. We are working for a social cause and every consultation/advices with us is absolutely free.

4. Are you available all the time?

As of now we are available from 9 am to 5 pm. But yes you can leave us a message on whatsapp anytime of the day!

5. Does LAWSUTRAM INDIA provide Legal Advice?

No, LAWSUTRAM INDIA does not provide any Legal Advice. And get no commission from your case whatsoever. Only the lawyers registered with us provide Legal Advice that too after you chooses them.

6. Who are the registered legal advisors?

Legal advisors associated with us are carefully selected by us as per their experience, area of expertise and location.

7. Is it a platform for advertisement for lawyers?

No, we are here for people in need of free consultation and not to promote any lawyer(s).

8. Does LAWSUTRAM INDIA regulate the work and services?

NO, we do not regulate the services provided by lawyers but we oversee the work of the lawyer before referring.

9. How about the privacy of a client?

Lawyers are bound by their professional ethics to maintain the confidentiality. Rest assured your privacy is our top most priority.

10. Can I complain about a lawyer?

Yes, we want you to give us your feedback. Your feedback or complain will be verify and after thorough verification, if found guilty a lawyer can be warned or removed from our panel.

11. Are your Lawyer’s genuine?

We do verify credentials & put thorough research on the lawyer’s background before taking him on our panel.

12. How can I engage a lawyer?

Call us on the number 9261019999 & 7073825089. And we will guide you to your free legal advisor.

13. Can I cancel free consultation?

Yes, you can cancel your consultation. You just have to call your lawyer or inform LAWSUTRAM INDIA about the cancellation.


Absolutely! We are here for you, our right legal guidance and expert advices etc. are absolutely free. We charge nothing from you.

15. What does it cost to get legal advice on LAWSUTRAM INDIA?

Nothing! We can’t stress on this that our platform is free without any hidden cost. We do not charge any service fees or add-on costs for getting you your free advices.