• General Counsel of the Year -2020 awarded by Mission Knowledge

LawSutram (LS): Why did you choose law as a career?

Prashant S. Marathe (PSM): Law is one intellectually challenging field wherein it discovers the strength of a person towards how to resolve the problems. Being a lawyer can require a wide range of skills and confidence to deal with unexpected challenges. Apart from that Law is also about Rights, Justice & understanding of human behavior & society.

LS: A brief about your work and what you do?

PSM: Having 14+ years of experience in legal fraternity wherein I worked on diverse positions from Manager to Head legal with various organization like Aditya Birla Retail Ltd., The Mobile Store (Essar Group), Reliance Industries Ltd., Sapphire Foods (KFC & Pizza Hut) etc. In addition to that, before joining present organization Sula Wines I successfully run my own law firm namely “Lexsolve Consultancy LLP” wherein I personally appeared in various courts and registered favorable orders in own name. Currently become a Group General Council of Sula Group takes cares of all legal and Compliance activities of the Group.

LS: Any special challenges you faced during initial years?

PSM: Yes, so many. Law is a very vast field and to gain the experience you need to spent few years. The main challenge in Litigation is to learn the procedural part (Court process) which includes so many activities and need personal attentiveness. While in non-litigation the main challenge is Drafting and to be well versed with corporate laws. 

LS: How do you balance Professional & Private life?

PSM: In today’s scenario to balance professional and private life is like flip flop and pretty hectic sometimes. But, there are many ways that I use, to manage it, like set priorities, schedule time, manage procrastination, enjoy my passion etc.

LS: Out of the busy schedule, how much time do you take out for yourself?

PSM: I try to spent maximum time out of my busy schedule for my personal activities so I can maintain and enjoy my passion and social life as well.

LS: How do you manage Work-Stress?

PSM: Truly speaking not all stress is created equal. A certain amount of healthy stress in the workplace or personal life is actually a good thing. I always use few methods to manage the work stress like positive thinking, to prioritize and organize the work and daily exercise.

LS: How do you prepare yourself before any tough / complicated / high – profile case / matter?

PSM: The good research is the key for success. No matter how complicated or tough. I always prefer certain specific actions before actual presentation, I always try to get well versed with the subject, to gather adequate information, details and documents, write things down, organize the thoughts and if need will discuss the same with subject matter expert etc.

LS: Your normal day will be like?

PSM: I have a fairly standard routine every day, because I like my weekdays organized in a certain way, so keeping that in mind I balance my personal and professional life. In addition, I always ensure to stay productive by blocking out my calendar to utilize my time schedule accordingly.

LS: Any misconceptions about the Indian legal industry?

PSM: Yes, there are so many. Actually having misconception is one part but to consider that misconception as a truth is dangerous. Few of the notable misconception of judiciary are, it works like snail pace, if do the crime will easily escape, lawyers are just puppet and earn lots of money etc.  

LS: What would be your goal to accomplish in the next THREE – FIVE years?

PSM: We always have so many things to achieve in life within short span but not all get fulfilled. I am always eager to learn new things and try to increase my knowledge, hence my specific goal to accomplish in the next three to five years is to add one more feather by completing CS (Company secretarial) course which will give me additional knowledge of secretarial field.    

LS: How do you differentiate yourself with your competition?

PSM: I never compared myself with others but nothing will degrade your perceived value more than putting yourself directly next to a competitor. You don’t need to bring attention to your competitors, as people who believe or interested in you always admire your competencies. However, to differentiate you need to prove specific skill, knowledge.

LS: Best piece of advice you have ever received in your legal career?

PSM: Throughout your life, you will always receive career advises, some bad and some good and at some instances they can prove to be valuable to your life. I also received so many advises from many legal connoisseurs on various instances but one beautiful advice I received is that “learn something new everyday”.

LS: Any advice for young lawyers or students

PSM: I always advice young lawyers to be patient while learning legal procedures and proceedings as it takes time to understand because law is a not only a vast field but also  has varied verticals and complicated processes at various levels.  


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