Legal Advice You Can Trust

Our Pro Bono Missions are designed to formalize charitable activities for those who are not able to get the right legal professionals or help at the time when they need them the most.

Our goals are:

  1. To demonstrate social responsibility
  2. To initiate accountability towards our nation and its citizens by our associated members
  3. Development of law and administration of justice

We all need right legal information we can trust to make smart decisions. In our daily life we face certain legal obstacles and require expert advices to make decisions. Lawsutram India is here to provide the same, at the comfort of your home. We offer pro-bono, authentic free legal expert advice and consultation in India. With professional Advocates associated with us you will be able to take safe decisions in day to day life.


Currently we are working to formulate free legal camps and scholarships in various cities of India. We will inform and invite all our legal professionals to be a part of our camps nearby their locations for 1-2 hours as they like. Funds for the camps & Scholarships will be annually solicited from the interested members of our association or you can donate as per your wish. Firms or Individuals interested in being a primary sponsor of the legal camp / scholarship on an on-going basis should contact us at